COOhort is the leading global community dedicated to start-up and scale-up COOs. We bring together likeminded people to learn from each other, grow together and collaborate, as we scale our companies. By COOs for COOs.

Purpose and Vision

Five years ago, Charlene was a first-time entrepreneur and COO who had no idea how to start, run, or scale a global business. At the time, she didn’t know any other COOs to ask for advice and the confidence to make hard decisions.

Our dream is for COOhort to connect existing start-up and scale-up COOs. We believe excellent COOs grow their companies in a healthy and sustainable way, so that our communities and society benefit.

A secondary mission is to help the COO role gain more visibility and prestige – inspiring and equipping the next generation of young leaders to become great operations executives!

Our Values



Working with COOs that are committed to operating sustainably and value based to do the best for people and planet.



This is a diverse group of people with different backgrounds, experiences and viewpoints. Let’s treat each other with mutual respect.



We want members of COOhort to both get value from the network as well as bring value to it. The more we each contribute to the network, the more we’ll collectively get out of it!

Our Offer

COOhort is a safe place for COOs to share common challenges as we scale our companies.


We offer you an in-person support network of like-minded operations leaders

We connect you with more experienced COOs who can provide you with informal advice


Bootcamps for new COOs and workshops tailored to the COO journey from early-stage to later-stage startup

1:1 Coaching

Match making with a seasoned COO coach


A forum to post questions and share advice

Placement & Jobs
Looking for a new COO role? We curate job postings in one place

COO Handbook

We are publishing (chapter by chapter) a practical guide on how to scale and run great companies


Connect with other COOs in London and Nairobi. We regularly host fireside chats with established COOs, roundtables, mini-workshops and meet & greet informal gatherings

The Team


Charlene is Co-Founder and COO of BitPesa, the first company in the world to use Bitcoin technology to power remittances and business payments to, from, and within frontier markets. She has helped scale BitPesa to 90 people across 10 countries in Africa and Europe. Charlene has 15 years of work experience, ranging from internet startups to international non-profit to Fortune 500 companies. She is especially passionate about people operations. CrystalKnows Type: Encourager


Katharina is passionate about business growth and the interplay between technology, people and planet. She is working at a fund to enhance impact of portfolio companies and define impact strategies. She’s been a commercial director in a digital skills training company and loves to chat through business challenges with entrepreneurs. Katharina brings a determined, but encouraging energy to all her interactions. CrystalKnows Type: Initiator.


Allegra works with businesses solving tough talent challenges – from building strong executive teams to supporting their workforce to reach their potential. Allegra has experience as a project manager, strategist, product developer and researcher for private equity, impact investment funds and non-profit. She’s fascinated by businesses of all shapes and sizes that want to grow sustainably and effectively.